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Glitter Words

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  • thiN waNnabe
  • Me and My BooK

    It’s all my mistakes . . . now it’s clear

    I open the book
    I read it
    And I let everything flows
    Just flow with the time

    Everything on that book is unpredictable
    I’m interested, I love it
    It has grabbed out my mind
    I always remember everything what is written on that book
    Being my spirit to do everything
    Being my inspiration to face my day

    Like having something meaningful
    It’s the greatest book

    BUT ,,,
    I can do nothing
    The story . . .
    The great story that I have read
    I can’t tell it

    That’s the problem

    I won’t let my self in circle
    Always walking around without destination

    I want it knows

    For this time
    I’ll always read the book
    I promise to my self,,

    And keep trying to say

    To say that I **** it

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